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About My Coaching / Counselling Services

The decision to commit to a program of co-dependence coaching / counselling is an important one. If you’re considering counselling or codependency coaching, relationship coaching, addiction coaching, addiction recovery coaching or psychosocial recovery coaching, it is likely you may be facing a challenging life situation. Reaching a ‘rock bottom’ brings many people to this decision.

At this point, you may feel like they do – that all other options for managing your current crisis have been exhausted.

My promise to you is: if you give diligent commitment to this work, you can transform your life.

That might be hard for you to comprehend now, however, everyday, I am helping people just like you to reclaim themselves and their lives.

I want you to know there is hope.

My personal experience going through the same challenges you are has equipped me with the tools to help others break free.

My mission is to tackle co-dependency, addictions and recovery head on and help those suffering from:

  • alcohol consumption
  • drug use
  • gambling
  • relationship abuse
  • unhealthy sexual behaviours
  • compulsive shopping
  • problematic eating habits
  • codependency
  • and other forms of addiction

My goal is to help individuals reclaim their most important relationship – the one with themselves – and live the empowered life they deserve.

My primary focus is to assist you to move mentally and emotionally to a position of greater certainty and emotional sobriety.

Coaching / Counselling packages are available to suit different needs and budgets to help those committed to change.

How do I know?

Because I have been where you are.  I have felt the deep anguish, hopelessness and fear that is consistent with reaching your very lowest point uncertain of what to do even in the next hour.This experience and understanding has informed the composition of my coaching packages.  My packages are reasonable, scalable up or down depending on your budget and needs, and most importantly, focused on moving you mentally and emotionally to a position of greater certainty and personal peace.

How do I work?

My primary objective throughout the coaching program is that you feel supported, most especially at the very early stages of my engagement.  At this time, your emotional state may resemble an open wound, and it is pivotal that extra tender care is taken.  I work with you to focus your recovery efforts, understanding that this may be an hour-by-hour or day-by-day proposition.  In the most serious of cases, we may even be working minute-by-minute.

Each of my packages provides for face-to-face sessions of one hour and frequent additional direct contact via a choice of phone, email or SMS.

What do you learn?

With an emphasis on the practical and relevant, I share with you a suite of tools, which strengthen you and build your confidence to manage both your current and future life challenges, and to empower you to reclaim ownership of your life.

Coaching / Counselling Services include:

Please note Roslyn is a fully qualified Counsellor and Coach