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This includes addiction to; relationships, alcohol, food, drugs, control and more.

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Learn how to approach a new relationship in healthy ways and avoid repeating codependent behaviours by not rushing into new relationships


Learn how to approach a new relationship in healthy ways and avoid repeating codependent behaviours by not rushing into new relationships


Learn which questions to ask yourself to make decisions in your best interest instead of being driven by codependency.


Learn how to put in place a ‘no contact’ approach at the end of a relationship.


Learn the practice for how to manage difficult or unexpected situations that come up in life.


Learn invaluable techniques for setting and holding boundaries in relationships.


Learn to build the emotional muscle that empowers you to say no with posture and without shame and guilt.


How to grow your emotional sobriety muscle and grow into the healthiest version of yourself.

Roslyn Saunders – Codependency Recovery Coach and Counsellor Providing Codependency, Addiction, Relationship and Psychosocial Help

For over twenty years, Roslyn Saunders has developed, refined and delivered codependency counselling help to people seeking recovery from their codependency. Roslyn’s coaching extends to addiction, relationship and psychosocial recovery. Based on her own healing and recovery, Roslyn offers an integrated approach to regaining life and enjoying codependency recovery. Servicing all Australian states, NSW, NT, ACT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA. Including all major cities, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Perth. 

 Roslyn’s Recovery Services include: Codependency Coaching,    Addiction Coaching, Addiction Recovery Coaching,
Relationship Coaching  and  Psychosocial Coaching

Roslyn Saunders is a Qualified Counsellor and Coach

Codependency help is the pathway to recovery

Codependency – or codependence – has been referred to as the addiction which screams the loudest and is heard the least. Unlike other addictions, such as substances, alcohol, food, sex, technology, gambling, relationships and the many more addictions which afflict people around the world today, Codependency can extend to a person, place or thing. Codependency is ‘invisible’. It underpins our connection to the world, others and ourself.  

What people don’t understand is these addictions are all symptoms of our unresolved codependency. In simple terms, it means our codependency actually sits underneath these addictions.

The bottom line? Unless we take steps to access codependency help from a codependency counselor with personal experience, it will be difficult – if not impossible – to realize any kind of sustainable healing and codependency recovery. In fact, if codependency is left untreated, it can be fatal.

What is codependency?

People ask what is codependency and there is no simple answer.

Codependency is a silent global epidemic. However, if we look around with awareness, it can be seen everywhere as normalized social behaviours. An addiction presenting in many forms, codependency is the disease of:


We try to control or we are controlled by people, places or things outside of ourselves, because we are so out of control inside of ourselves.

Low self-esteem or self worth.

We have difficulty making decisions, and valuing others’ approval, thinking, feelings and behavior over our own.


Our own values and integrity are compromised to avoid the rejection of others. We are extremely loyal and remain in harmful situations too long, putting ourselves at risk.


We have difficulty identifying what we are feeling, or perceiving that we are completely unselfish and dedicated to the wellbeing of others (martyrdom).

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Who is codependency help for?

Codependency help is available when you work with an experienced codependency counselor. The right support can help people :

  • Who’ve tried everything to overcome challenging behaviours or emotional issues and don’t know what to do next.
  • Who know there is something better out there, but don’t have the right support in place to make it happen.
  • Whose addiction or codependency, or the addiction of someone they know, is preventing them from moving forward.

What People Say About Roslyn's Codependency Coaching

In my darkest hour, Roslyn was a shining light. She helped me see opportunity amongst a disaster. I was able to turn a bad situation into a positive and a blessing. With her guidance, I was able to be led to the best possible outcome I could have ever hoped for. She helped me hold the vision for the outcome I wanted. Roslyn gave me reassurance and strength when I needed it the most. I was able to draw on my highest power to face fear with courage. Take action at the same time as letting go. Her coaching enabled me to have faith that the next was going to appear. I have been able to strengthen trust in my inner feelings and voice to continue my journey with confidence. I am very grateful.
Melbourne Australia.
I’ve worked with Roslyn now for well over a year. To say her coaching has transformed my life is not an understatement. I came to her when I ended my second marriage. I was at rock bottom; emotionally, financially and spiritually. I had no idea about how I would resurrect things or even whether I could. Through Ros’ caring, firm and timely counsel, I have managed to get my life back, one step at a time. I highly recommend Roslyn if you are struggling to cope with any relationship or addiction challenges.
Brisbane, Australia