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Addiction Coach QLD (Queensland)

Looking for an Addiction Coach QLD ? Are you struggling with addiction and feeling like there is no way out? You are not alone.

Hi my name is Roslyn Saunders Addiction Coach QLD (Queensland). I offer a holistic approach to help individuals break the cycle of addiction and reclaim their lives. As an Addiction Coach servicing individuals in QLD, I provide compassionate, experienced, and evidence-based coaching services in order for individuals to reach their recovery goals.

With the support of an addiction coach, like myself, Roslyn Saunders, you can gain new insights into your struggles and find healthier ways to cope with life’s challenges.

Read on to learn more about how addiction coaching can help you take control of your life again.

Services Offered by Addiction Coach QLD

Dealing with addiction can be overwhelming, however an Addiction Coach QLD can offer the support you need to take back control of your life.

As an Addiction Coach servicing Queensland I provide a variety of services designed to help people in recovery from addiction.

These services include individual and group counseling sessions, as well as comprehensive education on various treatment options and strategies for living an addiction-free lifestyle. Through these services, individuals are able to gain insight into their own behaviour patterns and develop personalised plans for long-term recovery.

In addition to traditional counseling sessions, as an Addiction Coach QLD (Queensland) I also provide guidance on relapse prevention techniques that can be used in everyday situations. This may include developing healthy coping skills, managing cravings, identifying triggers that lead to addictive behaviors, and recognising early warning signs of relapse.

The goal is to provide clients with the tools necessary to maintain sobriety over the long term. As an Addiction Coach in Queensland I am a dedicated professional who understands the unique challenges associated with addiction recovery. 

I strive to create a supportive environment where clients feel comfortable discussing their struggles openly and honestly so we can work together towards lasting change. With access to resources such as SMS text messaging, emergency phone calls and one-on-one online meetings, individuals in recovery can learn how to build resilience while taking responsibility for their actions going forward.

The Benefits of Addiction Coaching

The benefits of addiction coaching

Experience the power of an addiction-free life with my addiction coaching, and discover a new found sense of freedom that will bring back happiness in your life.

Addiction coaching can help you identify and deal with triggers in your environment that can cause cravings for drugs, sex, gambling, people addiction, shopping or alcohol.

With the support and encouragement of myself as your coach, you’ll be better equipped to manage your reactions when faced with these triggers. I will also provide strategies for overcoming cravings before they become too powerful.

Addiction coaches offer a safe space for discussing difficult topics without any judgment or criticism. With compassionate guidance, you’ll have improved communication skills, which can help you build healthier relationships with family and friends.

As an addiction coach I also encourage self-reflection as part of the recovery process, making it easier to recognise patterns in behaviour that could lead to relapse later on down the line.

As your addiction coach (should you utilise my service) I am here to empower and equip you with all the necessary tools to gain control over your life again. It’s about enabling personal growth through honest assessment, goal setting, and conscious decision-making, ultimately leading to lasting change!

With my expertise I will help to you give you insight into how addiction has impacted not only yourself but also those closest to you, allowing for more meaningful connections in future interactions.

About Roslyn Saunders Addiction Coach QLD (Queensland)

Roslyn Saunders Addiction Coach QLD is a passionate expert who is dedicated to helping individuals break free from their addictions and live a life of freedom.

Led by an experienced addiction specialist, qualified counsellor as well as a person of lived experience, I will strive to understand the complexities of your individual personal journey. A confidential and professional relationship is assured. 

I take a holistic approach to recovery that not only supports those struggling with addiction but also their families. When it comes to breaking free from addiction, no two journeys are the same – that’s why as an Addiction Coach Queensland I offer tailored solutions for each person I work with.

Through one-on-one counselling sessions, SMS messaging, and emergency phone calls, and one to one coaching, I provide a safe space for people to express themselves and begin the process of healing in a judgment-free environment. From creating achievable goals to developing healthy coping strategies, as an Addiction Coach Queensland I strive to empower clients by equipping them with the tools they need to make lasting changes in their lives.

I am committed to providing compassionate care at every step of the way so that clients can achieve long-term sobriety and reclaim control over their own lives.

The Process of Addiction Coaching

Discovering the path to your personal recovery starts with understanding the process of addiction coaching.

Addiction coaching is a specialised form of therapy designed to help you overcome your addiction and find lasting recovery. It involves working one-on-one with a certified coach, such as myself (Roslyn Saunders) who will create an individualised plan that takes into account your unique needs and circumstances.

As your coach (should we work together) I will provide support, guidance, and accountability throughout the entire process. Working together, you’ll identify triggers, develop healthier habits, and explore all available resources that can help you on the road to recovery.

Addiction coaching also provides practical tips for avoiding relapse and managing cravings, which can be difficult obstacles to face when trying to stay sober. You’ll learn strategies such as mindfulness practice, goal setting, problem-solving techniques, and ways to cope with stressors without resorting back to substance use.

As an Addiction Coach Queensland, I understand how challenging it can be to take control of your life again after struggling with addiction – but it isn’t impossible! I am here for my clients every step of the way – from identifying unhealthy behaviors through developing effective coping skills – one can can break free from this toll once and for all!

The Impact of Addiction Coaching on the Community

Addiction coaching can have a powerful impact on communities, providing individuals with the support and guidance they need to break free from the cycle of addiction.

On an individual level, addiction coaching helps individuals access resources and build skills that will help them achieve sobriety.

At the same time, it has a positive effect on the wider community. It encourages people to reach out for support without fear of judgement or stigma. It offers peer-to-peer support for those struggling with addiction issues. It increases awareness and understanding of addiction in general, helping to reduce stigma associated with substance abuse.

The benefits of addiction coaching extend beyond individual recovery; it can also foster stronger social bonds within local communities by connecting people who are facing similar challenges. People who have experienced first-hand the power of recovery through addiction coaching often become advocates and ambassadors for their community, sharing stories of hope and inspiring others to take action against their addictions.

This can create a ripple effect that leads to more people seeking help for their struggles—and eventually overcoming them. By providing education, outreach, and advocacy programs tailored to specific needs in Queensland’s communities, certified addiction coaches such as myself (Roslyn Saunders) are playing an invaluable role in fighting substance abuse disorder—one person at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does addiction coaching cost?

Price of Addiction Coaching $1000 per month

My monthly $1,000 (AUD) addiction coaching package includes:

  • 1 hour weekly Zoom session for in-depth codependency coaching (4 sessions per month).
  • SMS access to me between sessions
  • Homework each week, with detailed feedback provided, which serves as a second smaller coaching session and provides notes that you can refer to.
  • Available for you in a crisis to prevent spiraling
  • Guidance on the next steps to take in challenging situations.

I am deeply committed to walking alongside my clients to help them recover in a manageable and sustainable way.

What qualifications do I have as an addiction coach?

Roslyn has a Diploma of Counseling, she is also a Master Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP). Roslyn is a professional member with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Her experience and knowledge of addiction recovery, has been further enhanced through the provision of coaching services provided to high need individuals.

“I possess a deep understanding of mental health, both from personal experience and through extensive education and training.”

“I am a compassionate individual who has the skills necessary to help you grapple with your challenges and find meaningful solutions that work for you.”

What kind of support is available for family members of an addict?

As a family member of an addict, you’re not alone. There are many support systems and coping strategies available to help you through this difficult time.

Consider attending a support group with other people who have similar experiences. This can provide a safe space to talk openly and honestly about your struggles, as well as offer guidance from others who’ve been in the same situation.

Alternatively, there may be counseling or therapy options available that can help equip you with the necessary skills to cope better with the unique challenges that come with having an addicted loved one. Please reach out to me for further advice

How long is the coaching process?

As you embark on a journey of mindset shifts and breaking patterns, the coaching process can vary greatly in length. It’s important to remember that this isn’t a race or competition – it’s about taking the time needed to make meaningful and lasting changes in your life.

Allusion may help you to think of the coaching process as a marathon rather than a sprint, with each step taken being an important milestone towards reaching your goals. Depending on your individual needs and circumstances, the coaching process could last anywhere from several months up to two years or more.

The key is finding an approach that fits best for you so that you’re able to establish new habits and break old ones for lasting change.

What kind of results can be expected from addiction coaching?

Addiction coaching can help you identify triggers and set achievable goals that will ultimately lead to positive results in your life. Through this process, you’ll gain insight into yourself and develop the tools necessary to make lasting change.

With the help of a compassionate coach, such as myself, (should we work together) you can begin to recognise unhealthy patterns and create healthier habits for long-term success. As you learn how to better manage stressors and navigate difficult emotions, you’ll be able to make meaningful progress in overcoming your addiction.

If you are searching for Addiction Coach Queensland reach out to me today and make a booking for a free 20 coaching call. I provide the highest quality of addiction coaching services. I truly care about my clients and understand how difficult it is to overcome an addiction.

With my help, you can expect a life-changing transformation – one that will leave you feeling like a completely different person!

As an Addiction Coach Queensland I am professional, passionate, and dedicated to helping people break free from the shackles of addiction. My expertise in this field is unparalleled, and I always go above and beyond for my clients.

Please read my reviews on my homepage to hear from other individuals in Queensland who sought recovery from addiction. 

Roslyn Saunders is an experience Addiction and Recovery Coach. Book a free discovery call today!

How do I work?

My primary objective throughout the coaching program is that you feel supported, most especially at the very early stages of my engagement.  At this time, your emotional state may resemble an open wound, and it is pivotal that extra tender care is taken.  I work with you to focus your recovery efforts, understanding that this may be an hour-by-hour or day-by-day proposition.  In the most serious of cases, we may even be working minute-by-minute.

Each of my packages provides for face-to-face sessions of one hour and frequent additional direct contact via a choice of phone, email or SMS.

What do you learn?

With an emphasis on the practical and relevant, I share with you a suite of tools, which strengthen you and build your confidence to manage both your current and future life challenges, and to empower you to reclaim ownership of your life.