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Recover from Codependency Course

Make lasting change and heal your codependency with Australia’s leading Codependency Recovery Course

  • Learn to say no with posture
  • Overcome lifelong patterns of guilt and shame
  • Maintain your integrity and authenticity in relationships
  • Stop subordinating and changing to please others
    Find hope for a healthier, happier future after hitting rock bottom
  • Learn to manage on your own after a relationship break up

Discover a new you as you learn to make real changes that help you to break free from

End the cycle, embrace lasting change

Codependency recovery, like recovery from any addiction, requires small, consistent steps if we are to heal, move forward, and finally live a joyful and fulfilling life.

Courage to change, together with education, the right tools, and support, means that recovery from codependency is possible — and it is sustainable.

This unique online video course is ideal for anyone who:

  • Is interested in learning more about codependency
  • Is committed to addressing the challenges and chaos codependency has created in their life
  • Wants to learn how to say no with confidence and without guilt
  • Is sick and tired of people pleasing and having nothing left for themselves
  • Wants to move beyond the feeling it’s their job to fix everything
  • Is struggling with relationship issues – whether with partners, parents, children or colleagues
  • Wants practical tools for managing relationships in healthier ways
  • Has tried multiple other modalities to address their emotional issues and not made any headway.

Accessible online at just a fraction of the cost of one-to-one coaching with codependency recovery expert Roslyn Saunders, the course curriculum is based on the program Roslyn uses every day with clients.

Here’s what you will learn

  • Understand the mother of all addictions — codependency — and how addressing it is
    essential to experience a fulfilled, emotionally sober life
  • The relationship aspects of codependency and how to identify where you have
    crossed the line
  • What self-partnering and self-care really mean, and how to create new ways of living
    that prioritise you.

If you’ve ever wondered what codependency is, and you’re ready to overcome the resistance to removing the blocks to a more balanced and fulfilling way of life, this course is for you.

Break the Chains of Codependency

A heartfelt presentation by Roslyn Saunders explaining how the course helps you turn the page.

  • Empowerment Through Knowledge**
  • Expert-led insight into codependency, its effects, and how to heal.
  • Sustainable Personal Change
  • Practical worksheets and exercises for daily application.
  • Community and Support
  • Connect with others on the same journey towards resilience and strength.

What do previous course students say?

Doing this course has helped me understand what codependency really is and how it plays out in my life. I now see a way forward to address my lifelong pattern of people pleasing and would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing the same issue” – Previous Participant

“I never understood why I felt so drained. This course showed me that it is possible to say no without guilt and shame, while still being respectful to the other person” – Grateful Learner

“I had just left a long term relationship and was really struggling emotionally. I could barely function. I’m so grateful I came across this course because it made me realise my codependency was just like any other addiction and that I was experiencing the same withdrawal symptoms. By listening and learning, I’ve been able to make it through what was an extremely difficult time and see that a new life is possible.” – Recovering Codependent


  1. **Flexible Learning**: Engage with course material at your pace and convenience.
  2. **Practical Worksheets**: Tools that drive real, actionable change from day one.
  3.  **Comprehensive Curriculum**: Cover four core topics, each with in-depth subtopics.
  4. **Supportive Community**: A respectful community space to share your journey and find encouragement.
  5. **Lifetime Access**: Revisit the course content whenever you need a refresher.
  6. **Personal Development**: Strategies to bolster your self-esteem and resilience.
  7. **Resource Library**: A vast selection of supplementary resources for deeper understanding.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is this course right for me?
If you find yourself constantly saying yes when you mean no, and feeling resentful about it, this course is designed to help you make constructive, lasting change that empowers you to say no with posture and without guilt. Developing this valuable life skill through the course makes it worth many multiples of the investment made.

2. How long is the course?

Because of the flexible learning format and benefit of lifelong access, students can take the course as slowly or as quickly as they like. A slower pace is encouraged, however, due to the depth of the topics and the time it takes to learn and integrate new behaviours. Complete a topic per week or per month, and revisit topics as needed to stay on your recovery pathway.

3. Can I balance this with my work?
Not everyone can afford one-to-one coaching, or attend a rehab to start their recovery  journey. This course allows you to commence codependency recovery affordably and in the safety and sanctuary of your own home. Listen to lessons many times over to gain the
benefit of proven methods for creating a new healthier, emotionally sober life. Feel supported by Roslyn, who has lived experience of codependency recovery and as a coach for others on the same journey.

4. What makes this course different?
Codependency is not well understood and what this unique course does is break it down into language and concepts that will be universally understood. Whether you are new to recovery, or well along the path, Roslyn’s wisdom and practical teaching will support you to make sustainable changes to create a new , healthier, and emotionally sober way of life.

5. What if the course doesn’t meet my expectations?
We stand by our content but offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure your peace of mind.

Take your first steps to codependency recovery today.

Start Your Transformation.