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Relationship Coach Victoria (VIC) Roslyn Saunders

Relationship Coaching Victoria (VIC)

Who is a Roslyn Saunders?

Roslyn Saunders Relationship Coach Victoria
Relationship Coach
Roslyn Saunders is an Australian online health professional servicing residents located in Victoria (VIC).

Roslyn is qualified to help people on their path to happy and fulfilling relationships. With advice and strategies to strengthen their connection and emotional wellbeing, Roslyn’s relationship recovery coaching can assist people who are having relationship problems.

This covers their interactions with others and themselves. A professional coach is necessary for developing thriving partnerships. Codependent and addictive conduct must be addressed in order to improve relationships. Roslyn is an expert in each of these fields because of how closely they are related.

Roslyn has worked with clients for more than ten years. She has a plethora of expertise managing different situations in her own personal life as well as overcoming relationship obstacles.

After facing the challenges in her own key relationships, Roslyn had to deal with the challenges of preserving healthy relationships in the lives of her adult children who have addiction issues.

Roslyn greatly values the insightful knowledge and experience this event gave her in dealing with family and personal relationship problems. She can now assist others thanks to her experience.

She offers empathy, direction, encouragement, and inspiration to those looking to enhance their relationships by drawing on her own lived experience.

Roslyn has created a thorough “daily deliberate action plan” and used a programme and support system to travel the road to healthy relationships, including self-care and self-love. She has done this by drawing from a lifetime of experiences.

She offers empathy, direction, encouragement, and inspiration to those looking to enhance their relationships by drawing on her own lived experience.


Roslyn holds a Diploma of Counseling and is a Master Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP). She is a professional member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

By offering her services to those with high needs, she has further refined her competence in partnerships and relationship counseling.

Today, free yourself from abusive relationships, harmful relationship patterns, and negative habits.

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Victorian’s most at risk?

You’re already aware that Victorians are suffering from mental health issues due to past COVID-19 restrictions. Reference. The pandemic has caused a significant impact on mental health globally, and Victoria is no exception. It could be argued that Victorian’s suffered the most. 

The pandemic’s has left lasting effects on mental health include anxiety, depression, and stress, among other issues. Reference. Social distancing measures, lockdowns, and isolation have led to increased loneliness and a lack of social support, exacerbating existing mental health conditions.

Unfortunately, accessing mental health support in Victoria has not been easy. Many people are unable to access the care they need, and the system is still struggling to keep up with demand. Roslyn may be a solution for you if you are seeking professional relationship support. Book a free coaching call today. Should you decide to engage her services, split payments are available for those on a limited income. 

What is a Relationship Coach?

By repairing their relationship with themselves and resolving disputes with both themselves and others, relationship coaches specialise in assisting people in improving their relationships. (While Roslyn works exclusively with individuals and does not offer couples counselling, other relationship coaches do.)

Roslyn’s Relationship Coaching may be able to spot addictions that are causing both internal and external dysfunctional relationships. Roslyn has a lot of experience dealing with codependent and addictive relationships. Roslyn works with people whose relationships are impacted by addiction.

Here are some key aspects of Roslyn’s Relationship Coaching:

  • Assisting individuals in developing effective communication skills and coping strategies.
  • Helping clients identify and address relationship patterns and dynamics that may contribute to conflicts.
  • Guiding clients in setting healthy boundaries and fostering mutual respect in their relationships with themselves and others.
  • Supporting clients in enhancing intimacy, trust, and emotional connection.
  • Offering guidance on problem-solving and decision-making.

Roslyn’s Relationship Coaching also specialises in assisting Victorian’s in recovering from addictive behaviours that can impact their relationships with themselves and others.

These behaviours may include, but are not limited to:

  • alcohol consumption
  • drug use
  • gambling
  • unhealthy sexual behaviours
  • compulsive shopping
  • problematic eating habits
  • codependency
  • and other forms of addiction

By offering direction and assistance based on particular expertise about relationship recovery tactics and strategies, Roslyn may offer crucial emotional support during this period. Roslyn is also aware of further Australian services that her clients might find useful.

As a relationship coach, Roslyn’s main objective is to establish a secure environment where clients may openly discuss their relationship challenges and discover practical solutions.

These plans include exercises designed to raise self-awareness, develop good coping mechanisms, enhance communication, and promote healthy lifestyle adjustments.

To encourage clients to take ownership of their own relationship growth and development is the goal. She does this to give folks who feel out of control and overwhelmed by the difficulties of enhancing their relationships new hope.

The equivalent of a personal trainer for your relationships is a relationship coach. They provide advice and assistance to people who are having relationship problems in order to help them break free from destructive patterns and behaviour. A relationship coach’s mission is to enable clients to take back control of their relationship dynamics and establish stronger bonds.

Roslyn Saunders employs an all-encompassing strategy to help her clients heal their relationships, in contrast to other therapists who exclusively concentrate on symptom treatment.

She works with her clients as an advocate, offering counsel and emotional support, rather than just giving advice.

This aids in giving people the necessary practical skills to enhance their interpersonal interactions. Roslyn can also offer recommendations for other professionals or relationship resources, if necessary.

In order to create healthy relationship dynamics and build resilience against obstacles, coaching sessions are personalised for each client and involve facilitated talks that explore your thoughts and feelings around your relationship issues.

The ultimate objective is to arm you with the tools you need to navigate relationship challenges without turning to unhealthy coping patterns.

Codependency and addiction are frequently entangled with relationships, and dealing with this issue is a crucial step in the coaching process.

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Why work with Roslyn Saunders?

Building healthy connections can occasionally be difficult. However, the road can be made easier and more fruitful if you have a seasoned relationship counsellor by your side. You will learn many advantages from engaging with a relationship coach like Roslyn Saunders that will assist you in resolving relationship problems and fostering enduring connections.

First of all, Roslyn is a person who pays close attention to your narrative and offers nonjudgmental support, fostering a welcoming atmosphere. Moving forwards towards your goals is possible thanks to this foundation.

Second, knowing that someone else shares your problems with establishing and sustaining a healthy relationship is a huge motivator to stick with it when things get tough. Roslyn has dealt with relationship difficulties on a personal level for her whole life.

Thirdly, rather than depending on general counsel, getting specific assistance from a qualified expert like Roslyn guarantees that solutions are targeted to your particular circumstances.

And finally, frequent check-ins promote accountability, preventing a relapse into old habits, self-destructive behaviour, or relationship roadblocks.

Therefore, Roslyn Saunders’ Relationship Coaching service can be the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for help enhancing your relationships and conquering obstacles.

She provides crucial support throughout the entire process with her knowledge and skills, ensuring that each step you take moves you closer to forming satisfying and harmonious connections.  

Roslyn Saunders is an experienced Relationship Coach.

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How much does Relationship Coaching cost?

Monthly Relationship Coaching Services cost $1000 per month. Weekly split payments using Afterpay are available for individuals on a limited budget. Packages here.

This is investment is valuable for any individuals wanting growth. Having someone to listen and hold your hand during such struggles can be potentially lifesaving.

Are you struggling with relationships? Do you have unmanageable conflict with your work associates, friends, spouse, partner or family members? Do you need relationship help? If so, working with a relationship coach like Roslyn can be beneficial.

But how do you find out if Roslyn Saunders Relationship Coaching Service is right for you? Is she the right coach for your needs?

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Where can I find a Relationship Coach?

Roslyn Saunders is an Australian Relationship Coach located in Brisbane Australia working ONLINE serving clients nationally across all Australian states, New South Wales (NSW), Northern Territory (NT), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Queensland (QLD), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (TAS), Victoria (VIC) and Western Australia (WA). Including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Perth.

When is Roslyn Saunders available for coaching?

Every day of the week, including weekends, relationship coach Roslyn Saunders is accessible to her clients. Roslyn is accommodating with appointment times and is aware of the needs of an addiction and relationship crises. Make a reservation for tonight.

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How does a Relationship Coach work?

Online relationship coach Roslyn Saunders,  uses Zoom to conduct video chats with her customers during their counseling sessions. Roslyn will provide you a link before your booked session so you can join a live video conference call from your phone, PC, laptop, or tablet. Alternative plans can be established to assist folks who would rather make a phone call than a video call.

Roslyn’s monthly $1,000 (AUD) relationship coaching package include:

  • 1 hour weekly Zoom session for in-depth relationship coaching (4 sessions per month).
  • SMS access to Roslyn between sessions
  • Homework each week, with detailed feedback provided, which serves as a second smaller coaching session and provides notes that you can refer to,
  • Available for you in a relationship crisis situation to prevent spiraling,
  • Guidance on the next steps to take in challenging situations.
  • Roslyn is deeply committed to walking alongside her clients to help them manage their relationship challenges in a sustainable way.


Roslyn’s main goal is for you to feel supported throughout the coaching programme, especially at the very beginning when things could be particularly difficult. Your emotional state can resemble an open wound at this point, therefore extra careful care must be given.

Roslyn will work with you to narrow the focus of your recovery efforts while acknowledging that this may be an hourly or daily endeavour. Roslyn might even be collaborating with you minute-by-minute in the most dire situations.

Each of Roslyn’s packages provide for face-to-face sessions of one hour and frequent additional direct contact via a choice of phone, email or SMS.

How long does the average coaching session last?

Roslyn Saunders Relationship Coaching Coaching sessions are 60 minutes. 

How do I get started?

Roslyn Saunders offers a free 20 minute coaching call to help determine if you can work together. In order to work together for long-term rehabilitation and relationship improvement, this will help you determine whether you have the correct connection and rapport.

What type of follow-up support does Roslyn provide?

Roslyn offers a variety of follow-up programmes to help people who need it.

Relationship counseling with Roslyn Saunders can offer continual direction and counsel during trying times in a relationship.
If required she might also provide referrals to local programmes or other specialists for clients with additional needs. 

Roslyn frequently follows up with her clients on a regular basis to make sure they are improving and preserving their relationship sobriety.

In some cases, she may even accompany clients to meetings or appointments so they have someone who understands them there for emotional support.

Roslyn Saunders is an experienced Relationship Recovery Coach. Her coaching packages include follow up and ongoing support.

What is emotional sobriety in a relationship?

Utilising supportive emotion control techniques that keep you steadfast even while dealing with the ups and downs of relationships will help you achieve emotional sobriety.

Working with Roslyn Saunders: What to expect?

Roslyn will give you a complete set of tools as a Relationship Coach, with an emphasis on applicable and practical techniques. These tools are made to make you stronger, more self-assured, and better equipped to deal with life’s obstacles, both now and in the future.

The ultimate objective is to give you the strength to take back control of your life and undergo transformation in your interactions with others and with yourself.

Working with Roslyn as your relationship coach has the potential to transform your life. It starts with taking the brave step of asking for assistance and realising the opportunity for change that lies ahead.

As you embark on this journey, there are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Be ready to put forth work and commitment: Relationship coaching calls for perseverance. Although it’s not an easy undertaking, with perseverance and devotion, you can get through it.
  • Enjoy your personal growth: The coaching process will reveal fresh viewpoints about you and your life that you might not have previously known.
  • Accept the chance for personal development and self-discovery.
    Roslyn will always give you honest comments, identifying areas that still need development and acknowledging your progress while doing so.
  • It takes courage to start this path, but with confidence in Roslyn as your coach and in yourself, you can look forwards to great changes over time.
    Each action will lead to better self-awareness and general wellbeing, whether it’s learning new skills or forming healthier habits.

Who is not suited to Roslyn’s Relationship Coaching services?

Individuals seeking:

  • Couples Counseling
  • Couples Therapy
  • A Dating Coach
  • A Love Coach

Who else can benefit from Roslyn’s Relationship Coaching Services?

Individuals seeking:

Relationship Advice: Direction and recommendations given to people to help them manage different facets of their relationships, like communication, dispute resolution, and forging a strong connection. Roslyn offers advice, but it’s crucial that each person makes their own decisions with support.

Roslyn is a marriage coach who works with individuals (not couples) to enhance marital communication and offer conflict resolution guidance.

Relationship Therapist: Roslyn is a therapist with a licence who focuses on addressing and resolving psychological and emotional problems in relationships.
Each action will lead to better self-awareness and general wellbeing, whether it’s learning new skills or forming healthier habits.

Roslyn provides counseling and therapeutic interventions to help improve relationship dynamics, staring with self.

Relationship Skills: Roslyn’s coaching includes the skills and methods necessary to build and sustain healthy relationships, such as clear communication, active listening, empathy, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence.

Coaching on communication: Coaching that aims to help people improve their capacity for understanding one another, expressing themselves, and resolving disputes via productive discourse.

Conflict resolution: The process of dealing with and resolving disputes or disagreements within a partnership. It entails direct communication, attentive listening, compromise, and the pursuit of win-win results. By accepting responsibility for their part in the problem and attempting to find a resolution, Roslyn helps her clients.

Relationship building: The deliberate activity and steps taken to deepen the connection and bond between people in a relationship. Activities, shared experiences, and the promotion of emotional intimacy are all part of it.

Intimacy coaching: coaching that focuses on fostering and deepening emotional, physical, and intimate relationships is known as intimacy coaching. (Not sexual advice. It entails identifying weaknesses, building trust, and encouraging intimacy.

Relationship Wellness: The total condition of harmony and health in a relationship, including emotional stability, good communication, respect for one another, alignment of values, and flexibility.

Relationship recovery: The process of repairing and reestablishing a relationship after it has faced serious difficulties or setbacks, such adultery, problems with trust, or a time of conflict. By accepting responsibility for their part in the problem and attempting to find a resolution, Roslyn helps her clients.

Relationship Transformation: A significant alteration or transformation in a relationship that frequently leads to better dynamics, greater comprehension, stronger communication, and a closer bond between the parties.

Support for relationships: Assistance and direction given to individuals or couples to address particular relationship issues, acquire understanding, receive emotional support, and access resources to deal with their relationship difficulties.

Healthy relationships: Those that can grow and change together and are distinguished by mutual respect, clear communication, trust, support, and shared values. The bond with oneself comes first in this.

Relationship expert: Roslyn is a relationship expert who has a wide range of knowledge, skill, and experience. Based on their particular knowledge of relationship dynamics and principles, she may offer direction, advise, and support. Starting with self-emotional support and gaining access to resources will help them deal with the difficulties in their relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Relationship Coaching?

Here are some key benefits:

Enhanced well-being: Relationship coaching can help people live longer and in better physical, mental, and emotional health. Through counselling, people can become more self-aware, develop stronger communication skills, and feel more fulfilled in their relationships.

Meaning: Relationship coaching enables people to create relationships that are better and more meaningful. It encourages open communication, mutual trust, and emotional connection, which strengthens bonds and improves the dynamics of all relationships.

Personal development and self-discovery: Relationship coaching offers a chance for introspection and personal development. Individuals who use it can make positive adjustments and obtain a better understanding of themselves by gaining insights into their habits, attitudes, and behaviours.

Higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction: By working with a relationship coach, individuals can discover techniques for overcoming obstacles, resolving disputes, and cultivating relationships that are happy. Greater life satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment in interpersonal relationships result from this.

Enhanced communication abilities: People who receive communication coaching in relationships are able to communicate more clearly, actively listen to their partners, and resolve issues amicably. This strengthens the relationship’s understanding, empathy, and respect for one another.

Conflict resolution and problem-solving: Relationship coaching gives people the tools they need to handle disagreements and deal with problems in their relationships in a constructive and healthy way. It emphasises win-win solutions and cooperative problem-solving.

Greater connection and intimacy: Intimacy counselling assists people in developing greater levels of sexual, physical, and/or emotional closeness in their relationships. It encourages the examination of flaws, the development of relationships on a deeper level, and trust-building.

Support and direction: Relationship counseling offers a safe, nonjudgmental space for people to talk about their relationship issues and get pointers. To help people overcome obstacles, it provides tools, techniques, and individualised guidance.

Transformation and growth: People who receive relationship counseling might see significant changes in their relationships. They gain the ability to modify their own lives and their relationships by breaking negative patterns, gaining fresh perspectives, and bringing about good change.


Are there any risks to working with a Relationship Coach?

It takes bravery and deliberate thought to begin a journey with a relationship coach. Like any revolutionary process, it’s critical to recognise both the advantages and any potential risks. Here are some things to think about:

Emotional Vulnerability: Dealing with relationship difficulties may result in strong emotions. It’s essential to work with a qualified relationship coach, like Roslyn, who can understand and offer a secure environment in which to confront these feelings properly.

Compatibility and Comfort: It’s critical to feel at ease and connected with your relationship coach in order to get the most out of the coaching process. By doing this, good communication and a solid working connection are ensured. For a free coaching (discovery) call to see whether you are a good fit, think about scheduling one with Roslyn.

The benefits of relationship counseling can be dramatic, despite the hazards. It presents a chance for relationship improvement, better communication, and personal development. You can decide whether working with a relationship coach will help you on your path to a successful and long-lasting relationship by assessing the pros and cons.

Therefore, it’s essential you feel comfortable working with Roslyn. Book a free discovery call today!

Are there any alternatives coaching in Victoria?

  • Utilising resources such as Preventing and Overcoming Loneliness
  • Group therapy depending on your specific needs.
  • Self-help programs – embracing healthy habits such as exercise and meditation can provide you with a sense of control over your life and allow you to tackle difficult emotions in a positive way.
  • If you or someone you know is experiencing a personal crisis, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or
  • Psychologists


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  • Addiction Coach Victoria (VIC)
  • Addiction Recovery Coach Victoria (VIC)
  • Relationship Coach Victoria (VIC)
  • Psychosocial Recovery Coach Victoria (VIC)