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Psychosocial Recovery Coach

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Roslyn Saunders

Psychosocial RECOVERY Coach Roslyn Saunders

Roslyn Saunders is a Psychosocial Recovery Coach and Counsellor is a highly skilled health professional based in Australia. With her extensive training and expertise in the field of psychosocial recovery, Roslyn specialises in providing tailored support to individuals who are on the transformative journey towards rebuilding their lives and achieving holistic well-being. Her coaching services are specifically designed to help individuals regain autonomy over their lives, navigate the complexities of their emotions, and successfully navigate the challenges associated with psychosocial disabilities.

Drawing upon more than a decade of experience working with clients, Roslyn brings a unique perspective to her coaching practice. Having triumphed over her own psychosocial challenges, she deeply understands the multifaceted nature of psychosocial issues and has also provided unwavering support to her own family members as they confronted similar hurdles. This wealth of personal experience has endowed Roslyn with invaluable insights and wisdom, enabling her to not only empathize with others on their recovery journey but also to guide and empower them towards achieving their desired outcomes.

Roslyn possesses a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and struggles inherent in psychosocial disabilities. She has meticulously developed a “daily deliberate action plan” that serves as a navigational tool to facilitate psychosocial recovery. Additionally, she has forged strong connections within a network of supportive resources and has honed her skills by utilizing evidence-based programs specifically designed to address the intricate pathways towards improved mental well-being and recovery.

Armed with a profound understanding of the psychosocial recovery process, Roslyn is passionately dedicated to uplifting and inspiring individuals who are on their unique path to psychosocial recovery. Through her compassionate coaching approach, she provides unwavering empathy, expert guidance, motivational support, and a clear sense of direction. Roslyn is committed to empowering individuals, helping them overcome challenges, and guiding them towards a renewed sense of purpose, resilience, and fulfillment on their journey towards psychosocial recovery.


Roslyn holds a Diploma of Counseling and is a Master Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP). She is a professional member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Her expertise in addiction and addiction recovery has been further honed through coaching services offered to individuals with high needs.

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Personalised recovery plans

A Psychosocial Recovery Coach works collaboratively with individuals, their families, and other support services to develop personalised recovery plans tailored to individual unique needs and goals.

Examples of some psychosocial disabilities include Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective disorder, Anxiety disorders, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Agoraphobia and Social phobia or Mood disorders, such as Depression and Bipolar. Reference.

A good coach is someone who empowers individuals to take charge of their recovery, improve their quality of life, and achieve their goals, ultimately helping them find renewed purpose and fulfillment along their psychosocial recovery journey.

Psychosocial Disability

Roslyn Saunders coaches Australian based individuals who have a psychosocial disability.

Her expertise offers the following benefits over a support coordinator, including:

  1. Extensive experience in identifying the specific supports required by individuals with psychosocial disabilities.
  2. In-depth knowledge of mental health systems and the most effective ways to access them.
  3. Understanding of the fluctuating nature of psychosocial conditions and the ability to plan for both good and challenging days.
  4. Recognition of the goals involved in a recovery journey and the significance of fostering independence and self-determination.
  5. Focus on how an individual’s experiences, gender, sexuality, family culture, and community influence their current mental state.
  6. Assistance in developing a personalized recovery plan.
  7. Dedication to establishing a trusting relationship between the coach and participant, which is vital for effective recovery-oriented practice.

Improve overall wellbeing

Roslyn’s primary objective is to support individuals in reaching their full potential through positive, hope-based recovery planning. She acknowledges the fluctuating nature of psychosocial disability and the challenges to improve overall well-being.

Some specific activities Roslyn Saunders may engage in to assist you include:

  • Collaborating with you to develop meaningful goals through recovery planning.
  • Coaching you to build upon your strengths, knowledge, skills, resilience, and decision-making abilities.
  • Assisting you in cultivating positive connections with family and friends.
  • Providing tailored information, advice, and insights based on their experience with the mental health system.
  • Explaining NDIS supports, along with other relevant services and resources, and guiding you on optimising their benefits.
  • Working in coordination with other services to ensure your support aligns with your needs and goals.
  • Facilitating connections with mental health services and other relevant support systems, particularly during periods of illness.
  • Educating you on your human rights and supporting you in developing self-advocacy skills.
  • Managing documentation and reporting as required.
  • By engaging a psychosocial recovery coach, like Roslyn, individuals with psychosocial disabilities can benefit from her specialised expertise and dedicated support, enabling them to navigate their recovery journey with greater confidence and success.

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Roslyn Saunders is located in Brisbane Australia working ONLINE serving clients nationally across all Australian states, NSW, NT, ACT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA.  Including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Perth.


Roslyn Saunders provides Addiction Coaching to her clients during and after business hours, 7 days a week. Roslyn is flexible with appointment times and understands the demands of addiction. Make an after hours booking today

Getting started

Roslyn Saunders, an addiction coach based in Australia, offers online coaching sessions to her clients through video calls using Zoom. Before your scheduled appointment, Roslyn will provide you with a link that allows you to join a live video conference call from your phone, PC, laptop, or tablet. For those who prefer a phone call instead of a video call, alternative arrangements can be made to accommodate their preference.
 Roslyn’s profound commitment lies in walking alongside her clients, offering heartfelt support as they embark on their recovery journey in a way that feels manageable and sustainable.

Her utmost priority during the coaching program is to ensure that you feel genuinely supported, especially during the early stages of your engagement.

Recognising that this can be a time of emotional vulnerability, akin to an open wound, Roslyn approaches with utmost care and tenderness. She will collaborate closely with you, tailoring the recovery efforts to meet your needs, understanding that progress may be measured hour by hour or day by day.

In the most challenging cases, she is even prepared to work by your side, moment by moment, providing deep emotional support.

Each of Roslyn’s packages includes one-hour face-to-face sessions, allowing for personal connection and a safe space for exploration.

Moreover, she maintains frequent additional direct contact through various channels such as phone calls, emails, or SMS, ensuring continuous support that resonates with your unique recovery journey.

Roslyn’s compassionate approach and genuine empathy create an environment where you can trust in her unwavering support throughout your recovery process.

Session duration

Roslyn Saunders coaching sessions are 60 minutes. 

First step

Roslyn Saunders offers a free 20 minute coaching call to help determine if you can work together. This will help to identify if you have the right connection and rapport to work together for sustainable recovery. 

Follow-up support

Roslyn provides support for those in need, offering many types of follow-up services.

Roslyn Saunders can provide ongoing guidance and advice during the process of recovery.

She may also offer resources such as referrals to other professionals or local programs that help with management techniques, coping strategies and relapse prevention plans.

Roslyn will often check in periodically to make sure her clients are making progress and maintaining recovery. In some cases, she may even accompany clients to meetings or appointments so they have someone who understands them there for emotional support.



As a psychosocial recovery coach servicing Australians, Roslyn Saunders is dedicated to providing you with practical and relevant tools that will empower you to overcome life’s challenges and regain ownership of your life.

Working with Roslyn can be a truly transformative experience. It all begins with that courageous first step of reaching out for help, opening the door to a journey of profound change and growth. As you embark on this transformative journey, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  1. Embrace the hard work: Psychosocial recovery coaching requires dedication and commitment. It is not an easy path, but by embracing the challenges and putting in the effort, you can achieve successful outcomes.

  2. Embrace personal growth: Throughout the coaching process, Roslyn will guide you in exploring new perspectives about yourself and your life. This journey will uncover hidden aspects of your being and empower you to embrace personal growth.

  3. Expect honest feedback: Roslyn believes in honesty and transparency. She will provide you with honest feedback on your progress, acknowledging how far you have come and identifying areas that still require attention and improvement.

Embarking on this journey requires courage, but with trust in yourself and in Roslyn’s guidance, you can anticipate positive changes unfolding over time. Whether it’s acquiring new skills, developing healthier habits, or gaining a deeper self-awareness, each step taken will contribute to your overall well-being and lead to a more fulfilling life.