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Prices and Payment Options

Pricing for Coaching and Counselling Packages:

My monthly $1,500 (AUD) package includes:

  • 1 hour weekly Zoom session for in depth codependency coaching (4 sessions per month).

  • 24/7 SMS access, and 24/7 crisis phone call access to me between sessions when feeling overwhelmed. Please book a discovery call me to discuss your needs and level of support.

  • Homework each week, with detailed feedback provided, which serves as a second smaller coaching session and provides notes that you can refer to
  • Available for you in a crisis to prevent spiraling
  • Guidance on the next steps to take in challenging situations.

I am deeply committed to walking alongside my clients to help them recover from codependency in a manageable and sustainable way.

What are the benefits of coaching / counselling?

Often the hardest part of commencing the program is making the decision to proceed. This decision is hard because we wonder if it’s just another thing we’re grasping for to take away our pain.

Here are some encouraging words from clients who have taken steps forward by investing in coaching to recover from codependency, addictions, relationships and psychosocial problems.

“I have experienced firsthand Roslyn’s supportive response to “crisis” situations and her immediate action to ensure you feel validated, worthy and better able to manage the challenge you’re facing. This is followed by Roslyn walking with you hand in hand through the frightening journey of getting honest with yourself to answer questions like why is what’s happening come up in my life? “- K Hooper

“I had been going to psychologists and psychiatrists for years…none of them helped me in the way she (Roslyn) did. Our one hour conversation was more than just saving my life and my health. Without her, I could not have gone on any longer. I was seriously close to taking my own life. It was only her understanding of what I was going through that prevented that.” – Christine (Melbourne).

You are worth it – Take the first steps to recovery

How do we put a price on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing? It seems too hard. What’s easier is to do is take one small step towards self-care – the most difficult lesson for co-dependents, addicts and those suffering mental health issues to learn.

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Price of Monthly Coaching Package: $1500 AUD a month- Payment Options Below

Servicing all Australian states, NSW, NT, ACT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA. Including all major cities (suburbs), Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Perth

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