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The number one reason we go to addiction is, we
cannot handle our emotions…

What is Codependency?

  • Have you ever felt that you have tried everything to overcome challenging behaviours or emotional issues and still not achieved the outcome you desire?
  • Do you know there is something better out there, but feel you don’t have the right support in place to make it happen on your own?
  • Is your addiction, or the addiction of someone you know, preventing you from moving forward?
  • Do you acknowledge you have an addiction to struggle, work, food, sex, alcohol, or drugs, but unsure how to address it?

The emotions you are feeling are more common than you think. Am I codependent?


My Codependency Recovery Coaching and Counselling Services extend to:


Relationships and

Psychosocial Recovery.

Your Recovery Journey

Recovery coaching (and counselling) services encompass a broad range of interconnected topics, starting with codependency as a fundamental aspect. Codependency, in the context of recovery, highlights the importance of understanding and addressing one’s enabling behaviors and emotional dependencies.

However, the scope of recovery coaching goes beyond codependency alone, as it extends to tackle addiction, emphasising support and guidance in overcoming substance abuse and fostering sustainable sobriety.

Additionally, recovery coaching encompasses relationships, recognising the significance of healthy connections in the recovery journey and assisting individuals in developing effective communication, boundary setting, and fostering nurturing partnerships. Furthermore, recovery coaching also addresses psychosocial issues, acknowledging the impact of mental health challenges, traumas, and external factors on the recovery process.

By holistically addressing codependency, addiction, relationships, and psychosocial issues, recovery coaching provides comprehensive support to individuals seeking to achieve lasting recovery and overall well-being.


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Understanding Codependency

  • Codependency is an addiction that presents itself in many different forms.
  • Codependency is the disease of control – We try to control or we are controlled by people, places or things outside of ourselves,because we are so out of control inside of ourselves.
  • Codependency is the disease of low self-esteem or self worth. We have difficulty making decisions, and valuing others’ approval, thinking, feelings and behaviour over our own.
  • Codependency is the disease of compliance. Our own values and integrity are compromised to avoid the rejection of others. We are extremely loyal and remain in harmful situations too long, putting ourselves at risk.
  • Codependency is the disease of denial – We have difficulty identifying what we are feeling, or perceiving that we are completely unselfish and dedicated to the wellbeing of others (martyrdom).

Although you may not identify it as co-dependence, you may recognise it if you have you ever experienced:

1.  Symptoms of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

2.  Waking with a feeling of foreboding, as if you feel you can’t cope with the day ahead (wanting to stay hidden under the doona).

3.  A fear of losing people in your life (you couldn’t live without them).

4.  A fear of people not liking you (people pleasing).

5.  Being so busy giving and doing for others you have nothing left for yourself.

6. Agreeing to things you don’t want to do, and doing them despite your own inner voice telling you otherwise (needing to be needed).

These are just some of the many acute symptoms of this potentially terminal disease.

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