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Addiction Recovery Coach Roslyn Saunders

Addiction Recovery Coaching

Who is Roslyn Saunders ?

Addiction Recovery Coach Roslyn Saunders
Addiction Recovery Coach and Counsellor Roslyn Saunders  is an Australian mental health professional trained to support individuals on the journey towards addiction recovery.

Roslyn’s addiction recovery coaching can help individuals struggling with addictions, to recover and gain control of their lives and emotions. Recovery from addictive behaviour requires support.

Roslyn has been working with clients for 10+ years. She has a lifetime of lived experience overcoming her own addictions and managing addictions throughout her family.

Having personally confronted the challenges of addiction within her primary family, Roslyn then faced the emergence of drug and alcohol addictions in her adult children.

What Roslyn deeply appreciates about this experience is the invaluable insights and wisdom it provided her to address addiction issues within herself, which enables her to help others.

Drawing from a lifetime of experiences, Roslyn has developed a comprehensive “daily deliberate action plan” and utilised a program and support network to navigate the challenging path to recovery. Now, equipped with her lifetime of experience, she empowers and inspires others who are on their own recovery journey, through empathy, guidance, motivation, and direction.


Roslyn holds a Diploma of Counseling and is a Master Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP). She is a professional member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Her expertise in addiction and addiction recovery has been further honed through coaching services offered to individuals with high needs.

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What is an Addiction Recovery Coach?

Roslyn Saunders Addiction Recovery Coach specialises in helping individuals located in Australia who are struggling with addiction and seeking recovery. Roslyn works closely with clients to identify and address the root causes of their addictive behaviours.

The role of an Addiction Recovery Coach combines elements of both an Addiction Coach and a Recovery Coach. An Addiction Recovery Coach works with individuals throughout the entire addiction and recovery process, from initial intervention to post-treatment support.

Key aspects of an Addiction Recovery Coach’s role include:

  • Supporting clients in acknowledging and accepting their addiction.
  • Assisting clients in accessing appropriate treatment and guiding them through the recovery process.
  • Providing ongoing support during the post-treatment phase to ensure sustained recovery.
  • Offering guidance on relapse prevention strategies and helping clients develop a relapse prevention plan.
  • Collaborating with other professionals (where appropriate) to provide comprehensive care and support


Roslyn Addiction Recovery Coach specialises in assisting people in recovering from addictive behaviours such as:

  • drinking alcohol
  • using drugs
  • gambling
  • sex
  • shopping
  • food
  • relationships
  • codependency
  • other addictions

Roslyn serves as an Addiction Recovery Coach, providing crucial emotional assistance during this period by offering specialised knowledge on addiction recovery methods and strategies.

Roslyn’s main objective as an addiction recovery coach is to create a secure environment where clients can openly share their difficulties and acquire positive approaches to overcome them.

As an Addiction Recovery Coach, Roslyn assumes develops individual, personalised action plans that cater to the unique needs and objectives of each individual. These plans involve engaging in activities aimed at enhancing self-awareness, developing coping skills, refining communication styles, and promoting healthy lifestyle changes. Ultimately, Roslyn motivates clients to take ownership of their own recovery journey, restoring hope to those overwhelmed by the challenges of breaking free from destructive habits.

An addiction recovery coach functions as a mental fitness trainer, offering guidance and support to individuals grappling with substance abuse or mental health issues.

Their mission is to empower those struggling with addictive behaviors to regain control of their lives by helping them break free from harmful substances, behaviors, or thought patterns.

Unlike therapists who primarily focus on managing symptoms, Roslyn Saunders, as an Addiction Recovery Coach, takes a holistic approach to assist her clients in achieving recovery from any type of addiction. Rather than simply offering advice, she collaborates with her clients as an advocate, providing emotional and moral support. This collaboration equips individuals with practical skills necessary for maintaining sobriety and cleanliness.

Additionally, Roslyn can also provide resources such as referrals to other specialists or rehabilitation centers if required.

Coaching sessions are customised for each person and involve guided conversations that explore thoughts and emotions related to their struggles, fostering resilience against urges and cravings.

Ultimately, the objective is to equip individuals with strategies that enable them to face challenges without resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms. It’s important to recognise that addictions often intertwine with codependency.

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Why work with Roslyn Saunders?

Embarking on the journey to recovery often presents challenges. However, with the guidance of a seasoned addiction recovery coach, the path becomes smoother and more likely to lead to success.

By working with an Addiction Recovery Coach in Australia, such as Roslyn Saunders, you will uncover a multitude of advantages that will aid you in overcoming addiction for good.

First and foremost, Roslyn is a compassionate listener who provides non-judgmental support, creating a safe and accepting environment. This foundation serves as a springboard for further progress.

Secondly, knowing that you have someone who truly comprehends the struggles of addiction can be highly motivating during tough times. Roslyn possesses a wealth of personal experience with addictions, which brings an added level of understanding and encouragement.

Furthermore, receiving personalized guidance from a trained professional like Roslyn ensures that you receive tailored advice that aligns with your specific needs, rather than generic solutions.

Lastly, regular check-ins foster accountability, preventing the regression into old habits or relapse.

If you are seeking assistance in addressing addiction and substance abuse issues, an Addiction Recovery Coach like Roslyn Saunders may be the ideal match for you. With her knowledge and expertise, she provides invaluable support throughout the entire healing process, guiding you towards achieving sobriety with each step you take.

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Where is Roslyn’s Addiction Recovery Coaching?

Roslyn Saunders Addiction Recovery Coach is located in Brisbane, Australia working ONLINE serving clients nationally across all Australian states; NSW, NT, ACT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA.  Including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Perth.

When is Roslyn available for coaching?

Roslyn Saunders, an Addiction Recovery Coach based in Australia, offers her clients availability beyond regular hours, ensuring support seven days a week.

With a flexible schedule, Roslyn acknowledges the challenges that come with addiction and strives to accommodate appointment times that suit individual needs.

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How does Addiction Recovery Coaching work?

Roslyn Saunders is an addiction recovery coach who provides convenient online coaching sessions to her clients. These sessions are conducted through video calls using the Zoom platform.

Prior to your scheduled appointment, Roslyn will supply you with a personalized link, enabling you to join a live video conference call from your preferred device, whether it’s a phone, PC, laptop, or tablet.

For individuals who have a preference for phone calls rather than video calls, Roslyn is flexible and can make alternative arrangements to accommodate their specific needs.

Roslyn’s addiction coaching package includes:
  • 1 hour weekly Zoom session for in-depth addiction coaching (4 sessions per month).
  • SMS access to Roslyn between sessions 
  • Homework each week, with detailed feedback provided, which serves as a second smaller coaching session and provides notes that you can refer to
  • Available for you in a crisis to prevent spiraling
  • Guidance on the next steps to take in challenging situations.

Roslyn is deeply committed to walking alongside her clients to help them recover in a manageable and sustainable way.

Roslyn’s primary objective throughout the coaching program is that you feel supported, most especially at the very early stages of  engagement.  At this time, your emotional state may resemble an open wound, and it is pivotal that extra tender care is taken. 

Roslyn will work with you to focus your recovery efforts, understanding that this may be an hour-by-hour or day-by-day proposition.  In the most serious of cases, Roslyn may even be working minute-by-minute with you.

Each of Roslyn’s packages provide for face-to-face sessions of one hour and frequent additional direct contact via a choice of phone, email or SMS.

How long does the average coaching session last?

Roslyn Saunders Addiction Recovery Coaching sessions are 60 minutes. 

How do I get started?

To assess the compatibility and establish a strong rapport for sustainable recovery from addictions, Roslyn Saunders provides a complimentary 20-minute coaching call.

This session serves as an opportunity to determine whether there is a suitable connection between you and Roslyn, ensuring a productive collaboration moving forward.

What type of follow-up support does Roslyn provide?

Roslyn provides support for those in need, offering many types of follow-up services.

Roslyn Saunders can provide ongoing guidance and advice during the process of recovery.

She may also offer resources such as referrals to other professionals or local programs that help with management techniques, coping strategies and relapse prevention plans.

Roslyn will often check in periodically to make sure her clients are making progress and maintaining sobriety. In some cases, she may even accompany clients to meetings or appointments so they have someone who understands them there for emotional support.

Roslyn Saunders is an experienced Addiction Recovery Coach. Her addiction coaching packages include follow up and ongoing support.

What to expect when working Roslyn?

Embarking on this transformative journey with Roslyn begins with taking that initial courageous step to seek help and discover the possibilities for addiction recovery. As you progress on this path, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Embrace the hard work: Addiction recovery coaching requires dedication and commitment. Be prepared to put in the effort necessary for successful progress.

  2. Anticipate personal growth: Through the coaching process, you will uncover new perspectives about yourself and your life that were previously unseen.

  3. Embrace honest feedback: Roslyn will provide honest feedback on your progress and highlight areas where further improvement is needed.

This journey calls for courage, but with trust in yourself and Roslyn, you can expect positive changes over time. Whether it’s acquiring new skills or developing healthier habits, each step will contribute to heightened self-awareness and overall well-being.

Who else can benefit from Roslyn’s Addiction Recovery Coaching services?

Individuals seeking:

Drug Rehabilitation:

People using substances and those seeking drug rehabilitation may benefit from coaching. 

Drug detox, alcohol detoxification and alcohol detox: 

May benefit from having a coach to support them through the detox and withdrawal process. This is important to help avoid relapse.

12-Step Facilitation: 

12-Step facilitation is a specific type of therapy or counseling approach designed to introduce individuals to the principles and concepts of 12-step programs. It is typically delivered by a trained therapist or counselor such as Roslyn Saunders.

Recovery Programs:

Recovery programs are provided by Roslyn. A holistic individualised program specifically for addressing addiction in all areas of life. 

Substance Abuse Counseling:

Substance abuse counseling is included in Roslyn’s Addiction Coaching service.   

Dual Diagnosis Treatment (DDT):

Should you need DDT you may benefit from Roslyn’s coaching through her range of coaching specialites (addiction, recovery, relationship and codependency).

Addiction Recovery Support and Holistic Addiction Treatment:

These are aspects included in Roslyn’s coaching service. 

Recovery Resources:

Roslyn has a library of downloadable resources on her homepage as well as an extensive video library on her Youtube channel.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of recovering from addiction?

Recovering from addiction can have a multitude of positive impacts on an individual’s life. Here are some key advantages to consider:

Enhanced physical well-being: Addiction often takes a toll on physical health due to the harmful effects of substance abuse. Through the recovery process, individuals can experience improved overall well-being, including enhanced organ function, a stronger immune system, increased energy levels, and a reduced risk of associated health complications.

Improved mental and emotional state: Recovery provides an opportunity for improved mental and emotional health. Breaking free from the cycle of destructive behavior can lead to reduced stress, anxiety, and depression. Mental clarity, emotional stability, and a restored sense of self-worth and happiness are attainable outcomes.

Repaired relationships: Addiction can strain relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. Recovery offers a chance to rebuild and mend these relationships. It fosters open communication, trust, and healthier connections, resulting in more fulfilling and supportive relationships.

Heightened productivity and success: Addiction can significantly impede an individual’s performance in various areas of life, including work or academics. Through recovery, individuals often experience increased productivity, focus, and motivation, leading to improved career or academic outcomes and the pursuit of personal goals.

Financial stability: Substance abuse can have adverse financial consequences due to the cost of substances and potential legal issues. By recovering from addiction, individuals can regain control over their finances, reduce expenses related to substance abuse, and work towards long-term financial stability.

Personal growth and self-discovery: Recovery presents an opportunity for personal growth and self-reflection. It allows individuals to gain insight into the root causes of their addiction, develop effective coping mechanisms, and acquire new life skills. It can foster a deeper understanding of oneself, increased self-awareness, and the ability to make positive changes in various aspects of life.

Freedom and regained autonomy: Addiction often leaves individuals feeling trapped and powerless. Recovery provides the chance to break free from the chains of addiction and regain control over one’s life. It empowers individuals to make choices aligned with their values and goals, resulting in a sense of freedom and self-empowerment.

Enhanced overall quality of life: Ultimately, recovery from addiction can significantly enhance an individual’s overall quality of life. By overcoming addiction, individuals can enjoy improved physical health, mental well-being, relationships, and personal fulfillment. They can lead a more balanced, purposeful, and satisfying life.

It’s important to acknowledge that the benefits of recovery can differ from person to person, and the journey may present challenges. However, with dedication, support, and perseverance, individuals can experience transformative positive changes in their lives through addiction recovery.

Are there any risks to working with an Addiction Recovery Coach?

Choosing to work with an addiction recovery coach requires courage and careful consideration. Like any significant decision in life, it is essential to evaluate both the benefits and potential drawbacks.

One aspect to consider is the emotional risks involved. Engaging in the process of addiction recovery may bring forth challenging emotions that require a safe and responsible approach from a qualified professional, like Roslyn, who possesses a deep understanding of these emotions.

Therefore, it’s essential you feel comfortable working with Roslyn. Book a free discovery call today!

Are there any Addiction Coaching  alternatives in Australia?

For those dealing with addiction, finding the right support to help them break free can be a daunting task. Take Robert, for example; he had been struggling with substance abuse since his 20s and was desperately wanting something that could assist him to recover and turn his life around.

Due to his personal circumstances he was unable to hire a coach. Robert felt hopeful after hearing about alternative services to Addiction Recovery Coaching in Australia. 

Alternative services to Addiction Recovery Coaching could include: 

  • Group therapy depending on your specific needs.
  • Self-help programs – embracing healthy habits such as exercise and meditation can provide you with a sense of control over your life and allow you to tackle difficult emotions in a positive way.
  • Addiction Treatment Centers
  • Alcohol Treatment Centre
  • Rehab Centers
  • Drug Detox Services
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation 
  • Outpatient Addiction Services 
  • Australian Addiction Help Hotline – Emergency cases please contact the Family Drug Support – Family Drug Support provides information and support for families of drug and alcohol users, including a 24 hour support line. Phone: 1300 368 186
  • 24/7 Crisis Support Call 13 11 14 (Australia wide)
  • 12-Step Program: A 12-step program refers to a specific type of self-help program that follows a set of guiding principles originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). These programs provide a structured framework for individuals seeking recovery from various addictions or behavioral issues.



One of the most widely recognized 12-step programs is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which focuses on alcohol addiction.

However, it’s important to note that similar programs exist for various other addictions. Examples include Narcotics Anonymous (NA) for drug addiction, Gamblers Anonymous (GA) for gambling addiction, and Overeaters Anonymous (OA) for food-related addiction.

These programs emphasise important principles such as surrendering to a higher power, making amends, and providing support through group meetings, sponsorship, and working through the 12 steps.

Participation in a 12-step program is typically voluntary, and individuals attend meetings regularly to share their experiences, receive support, and actively engage in their recovery journey.

When it comes to finding the right service for your specific needs, it’s crucial to explore various options. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the abundance of choices. If these services are not what you are looking for (particularly if you are atheist or agnostic)  then it is a good idea to book a free call with Roslyn to discuss how she could help you. However some individuals utilise Roslyn’s addiction recovery coaching along side other recovery treatments. 

Take the time to research and determine which program or approach aligns best with your circumstances and preferences.

Once you’ve identified the suitable fit, take action and commit to making positive changes in your life by actively participating in the chosen program or service.