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Hi everyone, welcome back. I am Roslyn Saunders, Co-dependency and Addiction Coach Specialist.

Climbing Out of the Trenches: Understanding the Struggle Through Experience

The road to overcoming challenges is rarely straightforward or easy to explain. Often, it’s a journey that can only be truly understood by those who have walked a similar path.

There have been times when even the simple act of getting out of bed felt insurmountable. But gradually, a spark ignited within me, a fire in my belly pushing me to not just survive, but thrive. Why the drive to share this? Because, in my experience, the struggle is often misunderstood by those who haven’t been there. You can empathise, but true comprehension comes from living through it.

Even those who’ve faced adversity only know their own unique version of the battle. The scars, the lessons, the transformation – they’re deeply personal. To truly understand, you have to have clawed your way out of the trenches, step by painstaking step, learning with every stumble and victory.

This hard-earned wisdom is why I connect so deeply with those I coach. When they question how I understand their pain, I can confidently say, “I’ve been there.” Not always in the exact same way, but in the shared experience of overcoming. We’ve all done things, or at the very least, thought about them. And that’s the key to genuine empathy and support.